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Local SEO Service

Have you ever stopped to think about how to make your business appear as a Google search result? With local SEO service we offer, it is possible to rank any website in Google and extend the reach of your brand.

But Why Is Local SEO Important?

Not only are 46% of all Google searches local, which is a number that reaches into the millions of users, but local SEO allows people close to your brand to get to know it and think of it as a business option.

Plus, you get a head start on your competitors! What is local SEO and how do you put it into practice? Our local SEO service covers it all from start to finish.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to the process of optimizing your online presence to attract more business through relevant local searches.

What Are Local Searches?

These are searches that include a location, such as “coffee shop in New York” or “coffee shop near me”, as in the example below.


Local SEO Services

Responsive Website

Having a website is one of the first requirements that any SEO strategy makes.

If you want to rank well in local SEO have an optimized site that is responsive for mobile devices. Also be sure to offer a good user experience with relevant and easily accessible data.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool in which you sign up to achieve a local ranking. You can do this by visiting Google My Business page. Once you are on the GMB page, you’ll type your business name in the indicated place.

The next steps must be performed as requested by the tool, such as:

  • Entering your address;
  • Defining your exact location (by marking your address with the location pin);
  • Choosing a business category;
  • Entering your phone number and website and so on.

Local Citations

After registering your basic data as the platform requested it is time for content that will help with local SEO. Among the information, you’ll also like to add your:

  • Company photos and products;
  • Hours of operation;
  • List of services provided, and more.

Keyword Research

Producing relevant content is also important for local SEO.

We’ll find you the most searched keywords on Google within the industry your business is part of. Do a survey of which keywords are most used and which ones may be important for your ranking?

To find these terms our marketing team will:

  • Make a list of keywords relevant to your business;
  • Use Google autocomplete and related searches (at the bottom of a search results page);
  • Access Google Keyword Planner, a keyword search tool from Google Ads, which works for SEO;
  • Use other SEO tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs and access the keyword magic tool for Local SEO.

Landing Page Optimization

We’ll include keyword strategies on your webpage or landing pages.

Just like in content marketing we’ll include the main keywords in areas like the meta title and meta description. We’ll do this to achieve your local SEO goals. If you have a WordPress blog. we’ll choose to use the Rank Math SEO plugin and optimize your pages with:

  • Keyword in H1;
  • Keyword in title tag;
  • Keyword in URL;
  • Optimized short URLs;
  • Attractive, keyword-rich meta description.

Local Link Building

Link Building is the strategy of linking your content to other relevant and quality material.

According to Moz, backlinks are the most important ranking factor for local organic results.

You can get backlinks to your pages by producing relevant content such as guides and manuals, as well as by creating a guest post strategy. With these two actions, you will gain backlinks and generate qualified traffic to your site.

Monitoring Results

As your local SEO partner, we’ll always keep an eye on your pages and Google My Business registration:

  • Respond to comments;
  • Watch out for incorrect edits;
  • Use Google Posts to keep your customers informed.

Now you know what local SEO is and are ready to start your strategy. Take advantage of this free feature to reach people who actually have the interest and potential to do business with your company.

Why Choose Our Local SEO Service?

The goal is simple! Our Local SEO service is helpful and practical for users and businesses to connect seasonally or geographically. Here are some of the most direct benefits that you can expect from owning a local SEO service from us:

New Traffics

Our Local SEO service makes it possible to attract qualified customers who are close to your business, but did not know it yet, such as tourists for example, or when searching for a restaurant in Bronx, NY – it is essential that your site is there if you have a restaurant in Bronx.

Increase In Sales

With the increase in online presence through multiple devices, the increase in contact cases is high and, undoubtedly, so are sales.

Higher Online Authority

The more sales you make on your site the greater the chances of getting the local positions you want. This brings trust and credibility for new users to contact your company and do new business. All these increases eventually resulted in to jump in your website authority.

Did you like what we have described local SEO so far? Do you have any other observations to include? Contact our team. We are here to help you develop your local SEO strategies that increase the conversion of your actions and strengthen your relationship with your potential customers.


Let’s make it easy for your customers to find you online. Establish yourself high on local Google ranking with our comprehensive white label local SEO package.

Basic Local SEO 

# Responsive Website Audit

# Google My Business Page Setup

# 10 Local Citations Building on Top Sites

# Local Keyword Research

# Customer Review

# Backlink Audit

# Reports and Recommendations

Price: $150

(one-time fee)

Delivery Time: 7 Days

Standard Local SEO 

# Responsive Website Audit

# Google My Business Page Setup

# 20 Local Citations Building on Top Sites

# Local Keyword Research

# Competition Analysis

# Backlink Audit

# 5 Powerful Backlinks

# Customer Reviews

# On-page SEO Optimization

# Reports and Recommendations

Price: $250

(one-time fee)

Delivery Time: 14 Days

Advanced Local SEO 

# Responsive Website Audit

# Google My Business Page Setup

# 30 Local Citations Building on Top Sites

# 10 Additional Business Listings

# Local Keyword Research

# Competition Analysis

# Backlink Audit

# 10 Powerful Backlinks

# Customer Reviews

# On-page SEO Optimization

# Reports and Recommendations

Price: $450

(one-time fee)

Delivery Time: 30 Days

  • Need Custom Local SEO Service Or Do you have any questions?

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Local SEO Services FAQ:

Do I really need local SEO?

If you own and operate a business or a website, you will want your viewers to visit you. Local SEO matters to your business because of the specific purpose of growing your visibility in your town and generating targeted local traffic to the business website.

I simply put: Whoever owns or operates a local business, manages a regionally based company, and provides local consumers, requires local SEO. For example Medical doctors, legal practitioners, autoworkers, bakery workers, coffee shop and other restaurant operators, professional hairdressers, craft workers, estheticians, optical specialists, and so on!

What are some major benefits of local SEO?

By using search engines like Google Maps, social networking tools, and GPS navigation apps, you can find customers who are looking for specific products or services related to your business.

For example, if you use a good local search strategy, a stranger who has just arrived in your city and is looking for a place to eat will find your restaurant.

How do I get started?

Start by opening and creating a Google My Business account.

Make sure people comment on your content and apply traditional SEO techniques (titles, tags, meta tags, hyperlinks, link building, keywords, etc.) Use Google Posts to update new content and ask people to comment.

Make sure you have a responsive website and focus your content marketing on the areas that matter to your business.

When will I see the results?

Typically, most of our clients see results within 14-21 days (Google crawl rate), while some even see a spike within a week.

Do you need anything from me to get started?

We will need your website URL, Google my business access, your preferred keyword list for ranking (if any), website admin access to fix SEO errors (if needed).

Do you want to add a logo, a photo, or other company information?

The NAP alone is not a complete CITATION link. We’ll use all company information, including logos and images, to create a natural link.

Will you follow all of Google’s and other search engines’ ethical guidelines?

Sure, we strongly follow all legal requirements and best practices enforced by Google and other major search engines.

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